Friday, February 19, 2010


we've been doing so much better lately--cooking to feed the available tummies instead of a now absent army...BUT every so often it sneaks up on us again--FABEC (food acquisition beyond eating capability). at these times it seems we have filled the fridge with food only to let it "mellow" until it's a NOW or NEVER situation.

so last night jerry was too wiped out to cook and we had about 20 tired mushrooms, a slightly pooped pepper (red sweet), maybe 15 brussels sprouts that were fast approaching the other side of the hill, and some leftover asian peanut sauce jerry had made (mitigating the peanuttiness with mashed beans--pretty darn good).

i cleaned and sliced the sprouts and mushrooms, diced the pepper and half a lb of super firm tofu, and peeled several cloves of the staff of life, er, garlic.
sauteed (olive oil always) the sprouts with a lot of squashed garlic and dumped 'em out. sauteed the mushrooms on high to keep 'em dry, added the peppers after the moisture was under control and then dumped it on the sprouts. dry sauteed the tofu and finished with a nice splash of tamari and recombined it all. topped each plateful with a big dollop of peanut sauce. 'twas an excellent refrigerator reclamation project. i'll probably make it again on purpose!

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  1. Mmm, this sounds delightful to me! We're huge garlic fans in this house, too ;) I definitely wasn't familiar with Grameen Bank before. Thanks for the link!